UHANS Will Bring Its 1st IP68 Smartphone K01 to Asia World-Expo

UHANS has made its first IP68 Smartphone-K01,which is the starter of KingKong series. As a rugged phone, it sports trendy design and practical features, such as lasting 5000mAh battery with fast charge system, 3GB RAM plus 32GB ROM and so on.

UHANS Mix 2 with 18:9 Aspect Ratio and Helio P30 Chipset

Today UHANS took the veil off its latest creation, the second generation bezel-less phone. And it do contain almost all the highlights you'd expect from high-end smartphone in late 2017.

UHANS Max 2 World-wide Premiere at $139.99 And Giveaway

It is thrilling to hear that the UHANS Max 2 will be globally released at 25th September. And this time Gearbest will be the exclusive partner that offers UHANS Max 2 at $139.99. If you've been looking forward to the arrival of this 6.44 inch phablet for quite a time, then it is the time to grab one.

UHANS Kicks off The World's Cheapest Bezel-less Smartphone

UHANS MX is staying in the darkness of secret for few weeks, we only get the outline of its bezel-less design from the live shots and presentation video.

Harvest UHANS Phones on GearBest Autumn Sale

Autumn is the season for harvest, and as one of the premier online electronics seller, Gearbest has never let its consumers down by providing promotions on a large selection of products. Autumn harvest sale will run from 6 to 24 Sepetember, and if you are planning for buying high cost performance smartphones for your family then UHANS Note 4 and UHANS A6 will be a good recommendation.

Full Screen Smartphone UHANS MX Hands-on Video

About one month ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer UHANS declared that they are working on a bezel-less smartphone UHANS MX, which is a 5.2-inch sized smartphone that features dual glass panels. Till now, we've got the first hand real shoot and hands-on video. Therefore, if you are the fancier of full screen smartphones, then go ahead and check below.

UHANS Max 2: 4 Cameras Smartphone, 2 on Each Side

It is not rare to see a dual rear or even dual selfie camera setup on a chic smartphone, but have you noticed that 4 cameras combination are currently in vogue? We've talked about the decent gaming and video watching experience on the 6.44-inch UHANS Max 2, and today we are going to figure out what its 4 cameras setup performs?

UHANS Max 2: Immersive Gaming Experience on A 6.44” Screen

As a 6.44” “phablet”, UHANS Max 2 not only take the charge of bringing more convenience and comfort to video-watching, but also meet the demands of more flexible and immersive gaming experience.