UHANS i8 Will Feature 18:9 Display and 6GB + 128GB Storage

Spare from its so-called flagship UHANS MAX 2 which sports massive battery and impressive screen, i8 is also another promising smartphone among the team.

UHANS Note 4 vs Redmi Note 4: Specs alike, but over $60 cheaper

UHANS Note 4 Xiaomi Build and Specs for $60 Less

UHANS A6 Flash Sale for $59.99(only 10pcs)

UHANS A6 Flash Sale for $59.99(only 10pcs)

UHANS Official Store Opening Promotion

UHANS Official Store Opening Promotion

UPCOMING UHANS NOTE 4 will Compete with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

As a Lone Wanderer among the UHANS inherent smartphone series, the UHANS NOTE 4 is meant to surprise you with how much it will bring to you. Offering a balance of great design, overall good performance and most significantly a long lasting battery, the smartphone is considered to be one of the best budget phones to go for even it was compared to the best-seller Redmi Note 4.

26 Winners Will Get UHANS A6 for Free or at A Big Discount

UHANS A6 is finally ready to make its debut after months’ endeavor and polish, it is now open for sale on E-commerce stores such as Aliexpress and Geekbuying. And it is quite thrilling to know that UHANS official will hold a promotion campaign for its fans, 26 lucky participants will get the latest A6 for free or at a big discount.

Here are the repair parts you need for UHANS Smartphone

Here are the repair parts you need for UHANS Smartphone

Are you kidding me: those pictures are taken by a 8MP camera?

The latest phone from UHANS mobile that will kick off the debut is the UHANS A6. After a series of leaks and rumors, the latest post on Facebook indicates the that A6 is comes with a 8MP Samsung 4H8 sensor rear camera. Below are the pictures taken by UHANS A6, lets find out whether its photography performance will make some ripples?