Stylish and Bigger-than-ever S3 Is for Sale

  After A6 has joined the UHANS family, S3, as a successor of the S series, will also step on the stage with it stylish features.

  As a smartphone with a 6.0 inch screen, it will satisfy all the needs for a big screen, such as fluent and precise game operation, theatrical film watching experience and pleasing E-reading free of frequent flip.

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 Compared to its 5.0-inch predecessors, S3 features a 6.0" HD TFT IPS screen. And it has adopted full lamination technology which obliterates the air between glass and display and efficiently lessens the reflection. What's more, seamless lamination gives no chance of letting the dust or particle penetrate into. Therefore, the sharpness display effect is preserved.

  Constructed and shielded by premium aluminum alloy frame, S3 lets metal lustre shines through. What's more, fluid straight lines integrate with sexy curves, and make the smartphone feels extraordinarily pleasing in hand.

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  S3 is armed with a rear fingerprint sensor, it both facilitates the access and secures the privacy with the recognition of the specified fingerprint. Moreover, users are able to flip over from different interfaces by slight touch of the scanner.

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  Powered by MT6580AW 32-Bit ARM Cortex-A7 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and complemented by 1GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. It may stir up a lot of discussions due to its somehow low-end configuration. However, what S3 can assure you is steady performance and smooth operations with optimal software installed.

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  Dual-sided card tray design brings more convenience and choices for card installation. It is alternative to install 2 SIM cards (one Micro SIM card + one Nano SIM card) or 1 Micro SIM card plus one TF card. Dual sides availability and versatile card slots tray is devoted to bringing the user more humanized experience.

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  It is quite impressive to see a 3100mAh battery last for 2 days of regular operations. And it relieves the users from the curse that a big screen smartphone losses its power more faster than those smaller ones.

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  Now, S3 is ready and it is meant to ignite the market with its friendly price and outstanding features. For more information, please