UHANS A6 Behaves Itself with A Full-laminated Display

   Speaking to screen display effect of a smartphone, how the protective glass, touch screen and display are assembled really counts. The results turned out to be quite different with the discrepant assembling procedures. Now, we are going to check out what the budget-friendly Uhans A6 performs with its full laminated screen. Meanwhile, some comparisons are made for clear representation.

   Lets take a quick look at the reasons why the 2 assembling ways result in variant effects. For full-lamination workmanship, due to that the 3 parts are tightly and seamlessly assembled, it gives no chance of letting the air and dust from leaking into the slits. While comes to non-full-lamination one that only stick the parts together by the surrounding edges, distracting mediums are filled with the gaps, thus, users can always see a sunken and light white screen on the middle . 

Users only need to slightly incline the 2 smartphones under the light, then the difference will turn out automatically.

uhans-A6 (1).JPG

   As the pictures show, no matter which shooting angle that the photographer choose, the difference is still as obvious as the black on white.

uhans-A6 (2).JPG

   What’s more, it is quite easy to distinguish the full laminated screen from the ordinary one while with the screen on. As the pictures show, the non-full-lamination one is always with distracting lines on its screen edges. While the referential UHANS A6 behaves itself perfectly with its totally integrated screen, and no marks remain between the borders. It is actually quite a relief for those who prefer to review interesting Youtube videos.

Comparison pictures taken from different angles:

uhans-A6 (3).JPG

uhans-A6 (5).JPG

uhans-A6 (4).JPG

Pictures for non-full--laminated screen without comparison:

uhans-A6 (6).JPG

Pictures for full-laminated screen without comparison:

uhans-A6 (9).JPG

   Moreover, the full-lamination one is more compact no matter in thickness and weight. It facilitates building a thinner and lighter smartphone, which is a blessing not only for manufacturers but also for consumers. Besides, the specialized screen also turns out to be more sturdy and it effectively reduces the chances of shattering the screen into pieces.

  The truth is that UHANS A6 is armed with a full-lamination screen, it performs pretty good both in display sharpness and visual aesthetics. And it is rumoured that UHANS a6 will kick off the debut at the middle June, and it is still a budget phone as its A series members do, for more information please click here.