Harvest UHANS Phones on GearBest Autumn Sale

Autumn is the season for harvest, and as one of the premier online electronics seller, Gearbest has never let its consumers down by providing promotions on a large selection of products. Autumn harvest sale will run from 6 to 24 Sepetember, and if you are planning for buying high cost performance smartphones for your family then UHANS Note 4 and UHANS A6 will be a good recommendation.


You can find the special promotion in the Fruit Rain section of the activity page. And after you've enter the page we will find that the UHANS Note 4,which resembles Xiaomi Note 4 not only in design but also in specs, is on sale at $99.99 (original price at $109.99), meanwhile, the UHANS A6 that features sand-like texture back panel and amazing display effect is also on sale at $75.99 (original price at $82.99)

 gearbest 5.png

Let enjoy the fun of harvest and share the pleasure with the one you loved by bringing them a nice gift. Shopping link: http://www.uhans.cc/Discount/GearBest/index.html