UHANS H5000 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Battery Test

The battery of UHANS H5000 is 4500 mAh, which allows users to do a lot of what they wanna do. From the previous battery test video, we can know that UHANS H5000 has very great power consumption. How is it compared to other devices?

For this comparison, Samsung Galaxy S7 was picked to be the competitor. We fully charged both phones and put them into the same gaming test for half an hour. Though the battery capacities are not the same, we can still see the different consumption between UHANS H5000 and Samsung Galaxy S7. https://youtu.be/fBdmjZgQsVk

It seems that the battery of H5000 is quite a highlight. You can expect to have it in hand and test it. By the way, there will be a special campaign for the Double-Eleventh Day. You can stay tuned with us.