Everything You Want to Know about The UHANS A6 Is Here

    As the Red version iPhone and the legendary Samsung S8 were released, UHANS has continuously disclosed the main features of A (affordable) series smartphone A6. Here are the details required to figure out whether A6 is powerful and elegant as its slogan says.

    The designers visualized a beauty with curvaceous stature and graceful temperament, and they have came up with a A6 at the end. Oxidized and frosted aluminum alloy frames is optimally curved to wrap the body, and due to the CNC cutting, a glossy and shiny rim is created.

    Meanwhile, the back panel is processed with a frosted finish, its modest lustre caters to the eye while the fine texture makes it feels comfortable in hand. When the glossy rim come across the frosted frame and back panel, grace is exactly presented. What’s more, the matte texture not only relieves the phone from slippery situations but also efficiently resists the annoying fingerprints.


    Indeed, big screen increasingly caters to consumers’s need for bigger entertainment, except for the return of the nostalgic NOKIA 3310. A6 adopted a 5.5''HD(1280*720) TFT IPS screen, and the applied full lamination technology obliterates the air between glass and display and efficiently lessens the reflection. Seamless lamination gives no chance of letting the dust or particle penetrate into. That is to say, compared to the previous 4.7-inch smartphones, A6 allows for more accurate control for gaming and facilitates E-BOOK reading and vivid film enjoyment.

    As mentioned above, A6 is equipped with a 5.5 inch screen and somehow the unibody of the smartphone is proportionally enlarged. It gives more chance for a large volume and capacity battery. As the publicly announced 4150mAh, A6 basically can guarantee 2 days of regular usage

    Speaking to its processor and operating system, it is neither outstanding nor blameable. Configured with MT6580 32-Bit ARM Coprtex-A7 1.3GHz Quad-core processor and Android 6.0, A6 can assure you a balanced performance.
    As an intimate life companion, A6 is equipped with 8MP Samsung rear camera plus SW 5.0MP front camera. Not as powerful as cutting edge smartphones, but A6 is energized to make you a passionate and optimistic observer with every shot taken by its meticulous camera. 

    Moreover, A6 is armed with a fingerpirnt sensor which safeguards the access security and shortens the unlocking time. Even though fingerprint senor system is a prevailing outfit for the mid-range and cutting edge smartphones, the army has rarely be enlarged by those price-friendly ones. Queued as a price-friendly device, A6 is equipped with fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is located at the back panel and below the camera. And it just need one slight touch to get the interface activated.

    As a new member of the A lineup, A6 is meant to bring you a balanced performance while affordable smartphone. For first-hand experience, UHANS sincerely await your arrival at the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show during 18th April to 21th April at the Booth 9F24 in HongKong.