UHANS A101s Is Ready for Sales with $69.99

The show up of UHANS A101s has been a center of controversy. Some users think it as a shitty product, while some regard it as a good sign that the company truly listen to their customers. Like it or not, the device is available now. Copying the look of A101, A101s stands out with its different color. Coupled with a soft touch and polished electroplating frame, its beauty excels A101. The 24

More Color Options for UHANS A101s

Not long ago, UHANS made an announcement to release another version of the UHANS A101, the A101s, which has been made up with other skins. Six choices of colors are provided, including slate gray, quartz pink, gold, white, red and green, catering for different favors.  Young and beautiful, is what the device trying to convey. A tender texture coming from the rubber coating, couples wit

Uhans H500 Smart Phone Unboxing

It has been a while when UHANS H5000 first entered the global smart phone business. The device is said to be released very soon.  The company has shoot an unboxing video to show users how great the H5000 is and it will not disappoint them. The whole package contains the necessary accessories as usual, USB cable, AC power adapter, tempered glass film, protective case and user guide

UHANS A101 Second OTA Updates

Keeping in mind that quality matters the most, UHANS releases the second OTA update for the tribute for Nokia, UHANS A101. Not only a friendly budget, but a satisfying user experience can be ensured. The major fixes and optimizations for this update are as below: 1. Deleted the relevant Google apps, including Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Play Movies&TV, Hangouts, Play Books, Drive and Play Ga

UHANS A101s confirmed to get 2GB RAM and Sony 8MP camera

Ever since the release of UHANS A101, the design of the device as well as the performance has been adored by the users. Some of them advised that the memory could be larger and the camera should be better. So here it is, UHANS A101s.  The A101s has inherited the round body from A101, looking even stunning with more vibrant and vivid colors. But to differ itself from the A101, this A101

UHANS H5000 Handles over 30 APPs at the Same Time

Some users prefer iOS because Android system will become overloaded with too many apps and it gets stuck for a thousand times every day. To get this problem resolved, UHANS H5000 has got 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM, freeing you from all the annoying stuck moments.  We’re going to test how many apps the H5000 can handle at the same time. The phone works well after a few apps have been op

Video: All about design of UHANS H5000

The first model of UHANS’s “H” lineup, H5000, has grabbed a lot of attention since its first leak. This smartphone, is not just about power brought by its MT6737 CPU and 5000 mAh battery, but about a simple aesthetic this company has always been in pursuit.  The design of UHANS H5000 looks a little bit similar to that of A101, including the rubber-painted back cover w

UHANS H5000 Features Highly Responsive Sharp Display

The presale of UHANS H5000 will begin very soon but users still don’t know much about it. So let’s unveil some secrets about its display. H5000 does not fall behind, but keeps up with today’s powerful technology for display and chipsets. It features a 5.0-inch Sharp display running at 1280*720 resolution. You can get very punchy and bright colors accommodating to every vie

Salute! Nokia!-UHANS A101

How time flies. Remember the days that the best phone we owned was Nokia 3310 and if we wanted to search a direction, we had to read a paper map? Those days are gone. Nokia phones are replaced by other smartphones that have got everything in one for this digital era. For example, UHANS A101. UHANS A101 is not born to replace Nokia phones, but to give tribute to Nokia. As the company always

UHANS A101 Sports 10-Point Touchscreen

Not satisfied with your gaming experience on your phone? UHANS A101 can help you deal with that. This Nokia-tribute phone has got 10-point touchscreen, surprisingly arousing those who enjoy playing games on phones. The official Youtube channel of UHANS has posted a video of testing the display on Antutu. It confirms the statement that A101 enables 10-point touch. That said, UHANS has extend